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Accounts Production

The Accounts are a picture of how your business is performing and if the business is trading as a Limited Company then they are a statutory obligation.


Whether you keep your records in an old fashioned ledger, a computer or a shoebox! we will produce your Annual Accounts. They can be in a very simple format or a format that fully complies with the latest Government Accounting Standards for Small Enterprises.


They will be invaluable for providing information for your annual Tax Return whether income or corporation.

Tax Returns

Whether you are completing :

* The annual Self Assessment Tax Return for Income Tax.

* An annual Business Partnership Tax Return.

* The annual CT600 Corporation Tax Return.

We can provide advice on completing the return or complete it on your behalf.


We will give you guidance on areas in which we consider you could legally avoid tax and guarantee to regularly inform you of your tax payable, if any, in advance of deadlines.


We will liase with the Inland Revenue on your behalf and ensure you are left to run your business with the minimum of compliance hassle.

UK Limited Companies

UK corporation tax is payable on Limited Company profits and gains. We can assist you with corporation tax calculations, and Corporation Tax returns.

We will advise on the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation.

We will ensure you comply with Companies House requirements and deadlines for filing your Annual Accounts and Annual Confirmation Statement (annual return).

UK Capital Gains Tax Advice

If you are a small business owner or individual considering selling an asset or business, we can advise on any reliefs that may be available and of the possible capital gains tax charges that may arise.

In addition will be able to recommend more beneficial ways of planning your affairs to reduce any potential tax liabilities.


There are three main reasons for needing accurate records of your income and expenses:

  • 1. To discharge your statutory obligations to HMRC. You can actually get fined for not keeping true and accurate records!
  • 2. To control your finances, and help you manage your business.
  • 3. To enable us to produce your final accounts more efficiently resulting in a saving in your accountancy bills.

Our Bookkeeping service will meet these 3 needs. We can provide an accurate and comprehensive service tailored to suit your business or advise you on the methods best suited to you.

Business Planning / Cashflow Projections

We can provide assistance to individuals and businesses on preparing business plans, cashflows, budgets and business projections as and when required. These are typically needed by loan providers if you are intending to borrow money. Cash flow projections and budgets can also assist in the successful running of your business and with financial planning and decision making.

Payroll (PAYE)

As a UK business you have a responsibility to correctly account for Income Tax and National Insurance on all staff you employ and submit this information to HMRC after every payroll run before or on the day you make payments to your employees.

We can administer your payroll on your behalf, provide payslips, complete monthly reviews and advise you of the actual payments due to the Inland Revenue, together with the year end production of the P60s and if required, forms P11D.

We will also ensure that, if you are operating a company pension scheme, the information on contributions is given to your provider.

Value Added Tax

If you are a VAT registered UK business we can complete your calculations for VAT returns from your own records or provide a bookkeeping service to enable the VAT returns to be completed efficiently and submitted online to HMRC within the correct timescale. 

If you are approaching the registration thresholds we can advise on your obligations and assist you in registering with Customs & Excise. Additionally, we can advise on special VAT schemes and methods to minimise your liabilities.


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